Each of the nursery rooms has been designed to maximise learning opportunities for the children. The rooms are all bright, colourful and designed to create a cheerful exciting environment for the children. We have a fantastic range of stimulating toys and equipment all appropriate for the ages and stages of the children. There are plenty of opportunities in the daily routine for imagination and enrich play whether it is in paint, glue, cooking, creative dance, tent building, on the bikes and slides or playing in messy play on our tuff spot trays.

We also offer a selection of extra activities for your child/ren including: chef club helping to prepare the meal of the week, daily welsh sessions, gardening club in very own growing area, we explore our Bluebell Wood Forest School site, we go to the local library, we go on welly walks, we visit the Rock Park and we also do Pyjama Drama.

We also go on trips at least once a term and take part in community activities e.g. decorate a Christmas tree for our local church, Llandrindod Wellness and we do lots of fundraising too.

The Nursery Consists of:

  • Early Years Room – Amazing Stars
  • Toddler Room – Cheeky Monkeys
  • 2 Baby Rooms – Baby Bunnies & Bouncy Bunnies with a ball pool / soft play area
  • Hall / Dining room
  • Outside area – for all ages – each room have their own outside area.
  • Kitchen – where the food is freshy made by our cook
  • Local facilities we visit regularly – The lake / park, Welly walks in Rock Park, the local library, the garage by nursery to buy ingredients and to our Bluebell Wood Forest School site.

Babies – Baby Bunnies & Bouncy Bunnies:

Each Baby has their own individual routine clearly displayed with a photo so that every member of staff knows easily what each child’s personal care routine is. At all times we try to keep your home routine pattern and daily give you a written report, so you know what your child has done in the day. Babies are offered individual attention so we nurture each child’s natural curiosity giving them opportunities to discover and learn independently.

Toddlers – Cheeky Monkeys:

The Toddlers group begin each session with a circle time. Every day we do a theme-based craft activity and weekly there are opportunities to experience messy / sensory play, cooking activities and to play lots of group games including our theme matching game.

The children freely choose what activities / toys they want to play with and daily regardless of the weather have outside play in our own area.

The Staff observe the children during play and set achievable targets to monitor the child’s development. You will receive daily a written report, so you know what your Cheeky Monkey has got up too in the day.

 Early Years – Amazing Stars:

All children aged 3+ follow the Foundation Phase framework. Children will be given opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through:

  • An appropriate curriculum where the Seven Areas of Learning complement each other and work together.
  • Activities in the indoor and outdoor learning environment.
  • Different types of play and a range of planned activities, including those that are child-initiated experiences that allow them to adopt a variety of roles, including leadership within a small group, paired learning or working within a team.
  • Different resources, including ICT.
  • Active learning opportunities that allow them to become independent thinkers and learners.
  • Activities that allow them to use their senses, be creative and imaginative.
  • Tasks and challenges that encourage problem solving and discussion.

The children are observed while ‘playing’ and staff use these observations to plan the next steps of development for the individual child and the group. Staff participate, role model, offer choices and encourage children to try new skills and free flow enables children to play outside as often as they choose. This gives our children a head start when they attend school for the first time.

The children are surrounded by welsh throughout the day and everyday welsh sessions are given to the children.